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The Mid-sea of Life by Archbishop Benson Idahosa

Archbishop Benson Idahosa

The devil does not trouble people who stand still and do nothing. He only attacks those moving forward for God.

Mid sea troubles are:
1. To cause you distractions. If the devil can give you distraction, he can give you direction. IF the devil can distract you, he can destroy you.
2. To cause you to lose confidence in God.
God is looking for terrible people to make terrific. He is looking for bad people to repair.

Mid sea is a place of decision; it is a place of trust.
Why not die moving forward than to die moving backwards.
No matter what is confronting you at the mid sea of your life, whatever will send you back, may God cause it to kill you in the middle!

Since I started with God, I found out that there is no storm that God cannot bring you out of.

3. So you can turn your back against God. When God is leading you and you leave God, and start leading yourself.

God is coming to meet you at mid sea.

Jesus is the only one who can walk on the troubled waters of our lives.

We have a God who will come down, no matter how hard the hill is. Jesus is going to walk towards you. He sees you and will intervene in certain areas of your life, where your efforts have been made and you see no progress; I see a Jesus walking towards you.

David said, I was young now I am old, I have never seen the righteous forsaken, or his children begging bread.

When the devil asks, Where is your God?
Answer, Jesus is walking towards me.
No matter how dark, Jesus is walking towards me.

In the face of your toughest storm, God is looking down on you.

God knows that if he doesn’t intervene in your life, you are finished. Therefore when it gets darker than you expected, look out, the master is walking towards you.

v. 26

Whatever you are battling, be of good cheer.

If the enemy wants you sad, Jesus said to you, be of good cheer!

Make your life cheerful.

When you maintain and learn the life of good cheer, you can hardly be sick, because the joy of the Lord is your strength, because a merry heart doeth good like medicine. No tablet can cure sorrow, but the joy of the Lord is your strength.

You might be in the mid sea of your business, of your vision, the Lord is saying, don’t look back. If you can’t go forward, stand still, for Jesus is coming to take you forward. Instead of talking bad, keep quiet.

Christ is the bridge over troubled waters. Stand fast in the liberty over which God has made you free. Because God is on top, you can’t go to the bottom. God is saying, your wind will soon cease, and your storm will soon go down.

Pray for one another.|

Excerpts by Ikechukwu Amadi