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The Knowing That Gives Life by @kingdom_porter

|• WORDS IN SEASON •| 10/02/2016
¤ The Knowing That Gives Life
• Focus: Genesis 4:1a Now Adam KNEW Eve his wife, and she CONCEIVED…

I know we’ve looked at the Knowing God series, but God will have us consider this morning, the knowing that brings life.
There is a knowing that brings life! I’m talking about the full and abundant life. This type of life cannot be bought with money or position. It only comes as a gift.

This knowing talks about intimacy, the intimacy brought about by close and constant fellowship with the Father. It talks about spending time and being sensitive to His presence, knowing His will per time.

The privilege the sons of Isaachar(1Chron.12:32) enjoyed that made them understood what God was up to per time wasn’t discovered as a result of surface-level-fellowship with God. They were men who knew the heartbeat of God. God was so real to them like their next door neighbour.

Nothing is hidden to them that know their God, no secret is withheld from such a person. Such an individual is the one given to study, prayer and meditation. The battles of life are effortlessly won by such a fellow. God jealously guides and guards him. This privilege is open to all and not just your pastors. Embark on knowing God today and enjoy the life packages He has to offer.

For your consumption: Jeremiah 33:3- 3 ‘Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’

Do have a blessed day.

Yours in His Kingdom
Olowo-Ake Oba Tunde
@Kingdom_Porter || 2C074E5F

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