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The Knockdown for a Lifting Up by Archbishop Benson Idahosa

Archbishop Benson Idahosa

Salvation does not eliminate trial.
Holiness does not put satan to hell, it makes you a better person, makes you an instrument in the hands of God.

God said to me, If you permit me to test you at the beginning, you will stand for long time.

I do not want to ride a Mercedez as a boy and ride a bicycle when I am old.

Give me trials as a young person, so when I am old, I can cross my legs.

The Knock Down for a Lifting Up

Many many times, God knocks you down and then lifts you up.

Daniel 10.1

The thing was true, but the time appointed was not yet. What happens when your time and God’s time don’t match?

Are you using your time to thank God?

Many times, God’s time and your time are not the same. I am anxious, he is not anxious.

Someone came to me and said, Papa, Papa, and I asked him what do you need?

He said I need the gift of patience.

I asked, When?

He said, Now!


Do you remind yourself that the steps of the righteous is ordered by God?

God is looking for few like Ruth, that says,

Your people will be my people.

People like Esther, that will say, If I perish I perish.

Should you abort your dream, because those you thought would stand b you, fled from you?

You may lose your strength, but you won’t lose your God.

Every friend may turn their back on you, but God has promised that he will never leave you. God that gave you the vision, will not cancel the vision.

If God gives you a knock down, he is going to give you a lifting up.

It may be a financial knockdown, business knockdown, relationship knockdown, etc. but I know he is getting ready to lift you up.

The day you know that the second name to this world is called trouble…

But once you know that heaven and earth may pass away, but God and his word will remain the same, you are unshakable.

What happens when everything you thought would work didn’t work.

David said: when I pass through the valley you shall be with me.

Isaiah said, Arise and shine.

Job 22:29 – There is a lifting up, when others say there is a casting down.

The Shunamite woman – It is well.

At the end Job said, when he must have tried me, I will come forth as gold. There is a shining waiting for your ugly moment. There is the period of time in your life when you have to go through fire to achieve your life’s dream.

There is a hand willing to pick you and I up. It doesn’t matter how long we stay on the ground without energy, God is going to pick you up.

If all you know to do has been done and you are not good enough, stay where God can meet you. Don’t run from your goal.

Daniel heard a voice that said, Get up.

Say, I am getting up!

Move on!

You don’t need sympathizers, you need to get up and move on!

If you get up and move on:

v. 12. From now I won’t be afraid

Declare: In my knock down time, God will help me.

Only trial can bring you crowning. Only obstacle can bring you miracle.

Any man that hates you enough to knock you down cannot love you enough to pick you up.

If God permit you to fall, he will stand by you to rise.

Give the Holy spirit five mins for the battle we can win on our knees.

Vision can make you dumb, can take your strength, but stay by your vision, stay by the revelation of God.

It doesn’t matter you stay on the ground, the same power that knocked you down, God is going to use to lift you up.

The storm may take your ship, but it will not take your life.

I hear the abundance of rain.

It is not your sin that brought that trial, it is your dream.

God said, if you permit me to test you at the beginning, you will stand for long time.

When God meets you on the ground, he strengthens you and says, Get up and move on!

Don’t reject knock downs, but don’t die there,. get up and move on.

Weeping may endure for the night, but joy cometh in the morning.

Your days of tears are over. Your days of being downcast are over.

Where the road closed, there can be another road.

Do you need God’s helping hand?

God will lower his hand and touch you wherever you are.

The vision may tarry, but it will come.

Your dream shall not die in Jesus name.


Excerpts by Ikechukwu Amadi