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The ABC of Practical Love by W.F. Kumuyi

A – Assist one another
B – Build a bridge between you and them
C – Care one for the other
D – Defend each other in a very good way
E – Encourage one another
F – Fellowship one with another
G – Give yourself to other people: talents, time, money
H – Help other people
I – Influence others
J – Judge not
K – Keep one another in life, in love
L – Liberate them from sorrow, grief
M – Merciful unto one another
N – Nurture others in the things and ways of God
O – Oppress not
P – Pray one for another
Q – Quieten the fears of other people
R – Rejoice with those who rejoice
S – Support one another
T – Teach one another
U – Uphold one another
V – Visit the sick, weak, the backslidden
W – Watch over our brethren and warn those going astray
X – Exalt one another
Y – Yield to one another – no self will.
Z – Zealously serve one another.