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Somebody Shout Hebrews! A Short Intro.

The book of hebrews was written to the Jewish people who were in spiritual danger.  They were being persecuted for their faith by Nero; they had many questions about their new found faith that the Old testament did not answer; they were in danger of reverting back to Judaism. For many, believing in Christ was a life or death proposition. Now, they were second guessing their conversion to Christ. The writer goes to great length to prove that Jesus Christ has no equal inany religion, even Judaism. The superiority of Christ and thus of christianity is the theme of this book. Jesus is superior in His person(chapters  1-4), His priesthood (chapters 5-10), and His power (Chapters11-13). We find in Christ one who is completely sufficient for our salvation. The author of Hebrews offers convincing proofs and compelling examples of others who trusted in Christ to encourage his Jewish readers to hang onto the faith and not give up. While no one knows the original author, the book won his place in the NewTestament by its encouragement to the early believers to keep holding onto the faith, trusting in Christ and supporting one another.

Join LA family as we study the book of Hebrews.

The LA Family.

P.s. This intro was Culled from the Hope Bible by Joel Osteen.