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Soaring Like an Eagle by W.F. Kumuyi

The top of the mountain is my destiny!
The challenges of this life will not drown you in Jesus name.
Believe his calling for you. Believe his appointment for your life.
It is time to rise up and shine. Time to rise up and fly over the Jordan. Go higher!
All the things happening to you are for your training. All things will work together for your good, because you love God and are called according to his purpose.
Your life is renewed. No place for sickness, infirmity, fialure, discouragement, attack, affliction, failure. Higher and higher you will go. Better and better you will become. Stronger and stronger you will be.
If your past was good, your future will be better! If your past was bad, your future will be different.
All the thorns and thistles that the devil surrounded you with, that you couldn’t move forward, they are cleared from the way.
Your expected end is not failure.
Your expected end is not defeat.
Your expected end is not premature death
Your expected end is soaring like an eagle.
We cut all the chains that tie you down, that make you look back.
Egypt, Babylon will not hold you down. You have escaped from their cage. Healign is yours, success is yours, promotion, happiness is yours.
That dream of a good and better future, fulfillment has come in Jesus name.
Your wife will give you joy
Your husband will give you joy
Your children will give you joy
Your family is not barren anymore. All your desires of miracle children, God has answered in Jesus name.
Arthritis will not keep you down in the house. Arthritis will leave your body. You will use your hands, eyes, legs on the road that is cleared for you, walking majestically into victory in Jesus name. Dominion will replace defeat in Jesus name.
Go beyond your expectation!
Pastor Kumuyi