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#SEW16 Prayer Points for Day 2: End of the Year

Day 2: End of the year

Today is the day to say Yes with gratitude for the dream in you. It does not matter if you have not begun to explore the dream, the pursuit has stalled, or even if you are unaware that you possess a dream. If you believe that you are the image and likeness of God then be ready to accept that God has a plan for you in His kingdom.

Where you are today is a choice. If the choice appears grim then choose to accept that there is a greater One in you. Lift up your vision and see God, see good in all events because everything is working together for your good, for God’s good. If the choice is filled with possibilities, the same applies, be humble and steadfast so you do not get distracted from God’s vision.

Take time, listen and be open to receive, and achieve, the best of God through you.

Prayer Points:

  1. Father, I ask that I shall not live short of Your expectation for me in this season.
  2. Father, help me that I will be sensitive to the times and season, and the benefit that comes with it all.
  3. Father, grant me a heart that doesn’t tire nor slack in the pursuit of Your person and kingdom agenda.
  4. God, retrace my step from every wrong path and align me with the right destinies for me.
  5. Father, make me whole from every form of infirmity and I break free from every form of yoke that my destiny is attached to.
  6. God, by Your mercy and faithfulness, I and everyone connected to me will end this year well.

The LA Family