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See how God blessed us on #HymnFriday June 5, 2015


WOW! God bless everyone that turned up for #HymnFriday tonight. Amazing. Totally worthy of the first Friday in June. we tried to capture a few moments. Please enjoy and share : )


God bless @DeboAdejube for sharing his faith with us.

Trust the reaction.

@iphieajike brought fresh spice to the hymn. The whole church stopped to let her sing in igbo. #HymnFriday

See who didn’t come with his hymn book.

Such testimony.

Demola Oh!

Like @WarriUpdate, always invite a friend

And one wouldn’t sing without the other

And he came and inspired us…

When someone sings a hymn you love

That’s it! Totally Eph 5:19

See you next Friday.