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READ#LAActs Devotional Day 19 ‘Powerless Power’

Powerless Power

One day the evil spirit answered them, ‘Jesus I know, and Paul I know about, but who are you?’ Acts 19:15

The seven sons of Sceva called on the name of Jesus expecting results. Instead of casting out the evil spirit they were thoroughly dealt with overpowered and disgraced.

According to Mark 16:17, the casting out of demons is a sign that will follow those who BELIEVE. The sons of Sceva were not believers; they had seen what the Lord was doing through Paul and merely tried to imitate him. They spoke the words but the words did not have God’s Power backing them.

There are many Churchgoers like that today. They do not miss service, they attend programs frequently however they do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They only hear about Jesus from the mouth of the Pastor and other Christians. This is not right. We’re not supposed to have a third-party relationship with Jesus, it should be a direct, one-on-one relationship with our Lord.

You cannot be outside the family of God and expect to enjoy the same benefits as those who are inside. Believers are a threat to the kingdom of darkness; churchgoers are not. Believers have authority and dominion; churchgoers do not. Believers are POWERFUL. Churchgoers are POWERLESS.

If you’ve been a faithful Churchgoer, it’s time go one step further by accepting the Lord Jesus Christ into your heart today.

Prayer Focus:
Father, we receive the power to challenge the kingdom of darkness.

Written by Oluwaseun Ogunjemilusi of @thelafamily