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READ #SEW14 Devotional Day 9: ‘In View Of All This’ – Nehemiah 9


Most of us know, and agree, that God is faithful and compassionate. The Israelites of Nehemiah’s time didn’t just know and agree; they ‘covenanted’ to it! Why? – Because they had on their possession an account of God’s faithfulness – from the time of Abraham and his promise to the time of the kings and their rebellion. They made a ‘SURE COVENANT’ to God’s faithfulness after ‘ALL THIS’ was read out loud to all of them, on their day of fast. God’s works stood as a witness for Him, His faithfulness and compassion that the Jews were motivated to swear an allegiance to HIM.

God still does great and mighty things. He’s even freely given us himself in His son, Jesus Christ; and for any, who believes, will be saved and will receive the eternal inheritance of sons from Him!

He doesn’t cajole; His works speak for Him. Arise! Look around (at His many wondrous works) and be motivated to make a sure covenant with Him.

Prayer Focus
Thank You for being who You are! We cannot be grateful enough for Your faithfulness and compassion. Help us to tap into ‘all this’ You’ve done for us, so that we may become Yours for ever, in Jesus’ name, Amen!

Written by Debby Dyk of @thelafamily