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READ #SEW14 Devotional Day 4: ‘Choose To Stand For Christ’ – Nehemiah 4


Choose To Stand For Christ

Reading: Nehemiah 4

‘During this time, none of us—not I, nor my relatives, nor my servants, nor the guards who were with me—ever took off our clothes. We carried our weapons with us at all times, even when we went for water.’ Nehemiah 4:23 (NLT)

When you decide to do something worthwhile, don’t expect everyone around you to applaud you. Every successful endeavour in life comes with a Sanballat and/or a Tobiah. When this happens and our foundation is tested, do we yield to the voice of distraction or do we focus on our goal?

Nehemiah’s heart was broken when he saw the poor condition of the walls of Jerusalem. He did not whine; he did something! Then came Sanballat and Tobiah, men who could not see any good in what Nehemiah was doing. Sound familiar? Have you ever tried to ‘do something’, only to be met with oppositions? Do what Nehemiah did, pray!

And Nehemiah did not just pray, he restrategized. Men were placed in strategic positions to keep watch. These men were armed day and night. They were ready to lay down their lives for what they believed in.

When we find something worth dying for, only then have we found something worth living for. As Christians, we must never forget that we are in the midst of foes. The devil is always lurking in a corner waiting for the slightest opportunity to pounce. We must not let down our guard, now is not the time to rest or be lackadaisical, souls depends on our prayers and actions.

The choice is ours – we can choose to be a Sanballat or a Tobiah. Or we can choose to stand for Christ and be the Nehemiah the world is waiting for.

‘…and having done all, to stand.’ Ephesians ‎6:13 (KJV)

Prayer Focus
Help me Lord to always put on Your full armour. To be able to stand against the tricks of the enemy, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Written by Stephanie Okunola of @thelafamily