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READ #SEW14 Devotional Day 3: Sanctify It – Nehemiah 3


Sanctify It!

Reading: Nehemiah 3

Once Nehemiah’s proposal of rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem was accepted, men were dedicated to the work despite the negative opinions from those who knew nothing about what God was doing. The high priest and his brethren took the lead and built the ship gate; after building the sheep gate, they sanctified it.

The wall of Jerusalem can be likened to a body – me, you, us. The rebuilding of the holy city started with the gate – an opening that permits passage or entry. We have so many gates in our lives that cause us to fall and lose focus in our attempt to lead godly lives: our ears, minds, eyes, mouths…name them.

Just like the wall of Jerusalem was demolished, many times we are also demolished spiritually or even physically.

We fall, make mistakes, or simply backslide. Then on the dawning of a new day we remember, or are reminded, that all is not lost and we can restart and rebuild our lives through Jesus Christ. However, starting all over again doesn’t mean one wouldn’t trip, especially if foundation steps are not taken.

Did we sanctify the gate before rebuilding our lives? Have we prayed over the new life we have chosen in Christ? Have we dedicated ourselves to God as living sacrifices?

If we don’t sanctify the passages through which negativity, evil thoughts, and all manner of sin enters, starting a new way of life will be difficult. Yes, you have repented, but you’re still vulnerable if you don’t completely shun everything that will cause your downfall.

You have made a decision, never to be the same again. Rebuild your life; sanctify it!

Prayer Focus:
Thank You Lord for giving me another chance to come back to You. Sanctify me, I beseech You. Wash me clean with the blood that was shed at Calvary. Grant that my new life in you will be according to Your perfect will, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Written by Liz Ekakoro of @thelafamily