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READ #SEW14 Devotional Day 18: ‘Testify’ – Daniel 4



When last did you testify of the Lord’s presence in your life? It is my prayer that we learn to give glory to God for all that transpires, no matter how little or insignificant it may seem.

See, even Nebuchadnezzar knew that Daniel’s wisdom came from God, because only God could give Daniel such wisdom. What can be said of us?

What do we say to the world when they praise us for the good they see, or admire in us? And for all the answered prayers that have brought us this far in life, do we glorify God for our successes and testify of His hand in it? Or do we praise it as the result of our hard work and efforts?

It is very easy to become too familiar with God’s blessings that it becomes a normal thing to overlook.

Testify to the world; let them know of the wonders and miracles of the Lord in our lives. When we do this, overflowing blessings will be a part of us without ceasing.

Prayer Focus:
Dear Lord, I thank You for all You have done in my life and for all You are yet to do I give You praise. Help me to continually glorify Your name, so that all will come to know of Your acts and bless Your Holy name, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Written by Liz Ekakoro of @thelafamily