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READ #LAProverbs Devotional Day 7: ‘As Simple as that’

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These days the need to keep things simple is a necessity. The simple life: everything cool, no fuss, no stress. The flip side is that simple can be a deadly trap leading to temptations we have no business messing with, especially if you are not grounded in understanding and wisdom through the word.

Here we are given some practical tips to stand upon our solid rock. Solomon says, the world has its snares and there are people in all shapes and guises, don’t be a fool to think that you are exempt from temptation: –

Check yourself and your friends: The Proverbs 7 simple guy was chilling with like-minded friends who 1) couldn’t warn him about the ‘strange woman’ and 2) were obviously not involved in anything interesting or aspiring that he could be lured away so easily.

Wise Up and Get Creative: We need the word but there’s plenty to digest. So what do we do? We are not going to bind it to our fingers but there are so many other means with which we can keep the word on tap in our hearts and minds.

Resist! Resist! Resist: Challenges and temptations are not always typically dressed that we know to slam the door in its face. Sometimes they hit us unexpectedly and are so finely adorned and sweet-mouthed that unless we have acquired the spirit of discernment we have no idea, and for some it can be too late. 

Know your weaknesses and surround yourself with people who will empower you. We have the advantage of Christ within and the fellowship with the Holy Spirit to guide and strengthen us. Know God’s purpose in you and you will not be idly passing by any street that a ‘stranger’ can easily stop you.

Be Alert!

Prayer Focus:
Beloved, reveal any ‘simple’ thing in my life that leads to weakness and temptation. I want the relationship where I call wisdom my sister and understanding my kinsmen. I know with them by my side I can resist temptation and do Your will, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Written by Orode Faka of @theLAfamily