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READ #LAProverbs Devotional Day 30 ‘God Is Enough For Me’


Have you ever turned down an opportunity? Or walked away from a relationship, business or personal, that perplexed outsiders? Perhaps, you may not have had this experience but if you did, could you walk away? Could you say no?

There is an earnest lesson from King Solomon’s reign. He is often praised for choosing wisdom above riches, but we forget that as he was increasingly blessed, he chose to trust more in his wisdom, which ironically increased the desire for more riches and wives. It resulted in Solomon turning his back on God and the divide of Israel through his successor

Reading Proverbs 30:1-9, we are reminded that there is no one but God and we need no one or thing else but God. God is enough! Doesn’t matter your cultural / social position in life, the circumstance or your purpose, make God enough.

Our true understanding of our oneness with God is surely tested during those times when we consciously choose to be without. In our call as disciples, could we effortlessly walk away from a life we have built and follow Christ like the apostles? Or be content with the little we have not to crave more and lament the life God has given us?

We should all pray the prayer of Agur and embrace the godly virtue of simplicity, no matter our aspirations.

God is enough. Every word of God is pure. Trust in God and know a balanced life, safe under God’s shield.
Make it your daily affirmation, to walk in truth, honesty and contentment with the ‘food allotted’ to you.

Prayer Focus
Our Beloved Lord, remove falsehood and lies from me. Help me to be mindful, give me neither riches nor poverty. Thank you for Your perfect will in me that fulfils all my needs, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

Written by Orode Faka of @theLAfamily