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READ #LAProverbs Devotional Day 26 ‘I’m Only Human…right?’


Do you remember those scenes in cartoons when a character pushes a large object up a hill? At some point it overpowers the character’s strength, begins to roll back over the character down the path, and at times other objects along the way become entangled in this calamity too.

This could be us the more we steer away from the word of God and seek to exert our own power over situations, or become indifferent to immoral attitudes – bigotry, prejudice, unforgiving, maliciousness, self-righteousness, gossip, disrespect, vengeance, materialism.

It is easy to justify it too. Such attitudes have become embedded in our cultures and languages that we unknowingly endorse it. For example, have you ever tried to censor what you permit in your presence based on the word of God and who you are as a child of God?

Consider this, our human attitudes will only lead us so far up the path. If, we don’t fortify ourselves through the word and daily communion with the Holy Spirit. The weight of our indiscretions will force us to either fall down the pit or the stone to roll back on us.

We are the ‘light of the world’ Matt 5:14, therefore we need to go that extra mile to let Christ’s light shine through us, particularly when our natural inclination is the opposite of how Jesus has asked us to behave, Matt 5-7.

This week, let us be mindful of what we permit around us. Do an inventory; some of us feel we are ‘strong enough’ to be in the world but at what cost? Does your ‘strength’ reinforce the non-believer’s attitude to continue in their ways because they see no difference between you?
Or to the new soul in Christ, does your life weaken their ability to cut ties with sin and find strength in living a life of righteousness?

Prayer Focus
Merciful Lord, help me not to stumble through life in my own self-righteousness. I pray that every shovel or stone that presents itself in my life and that of the body of Christ be removed, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

Written by Orode Faka of @theLAfamily