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READ: #LAFruits Insight – Psalm 23 by @0rode

Psalm23 @thelafamily

Is Psalm 23 a statement of what we receive in Christ?

Ps. 23:1 – Sheep are those type of animals dependent on exterior guidance. They seem to innocuously follow direction whether by man or dog.

They have a child-like innocence that trustingly follows and obeys. However this isn’t immediate. It happens after training, trust must be built.

Have you allowed yourself to be trained by God to hear His voice and understand that He will guide you safely to your place of need?

Ps 23:2 – Have you ever known a shepherd to lead his flock to danger or a wasteland to feed? Neither are sheep completely dumb.

Again, it is about trust. How much do you believe in the word of God? And have submitted to the word (that speaks to you in your heart) so it can guide you to your place of provision and peace?

Perhaps, we assume that because we shall not want, it is for our benefit only but consider the benefit to the shepherd of a healthy, well-fed and temperate flock.

Our peace of mind body and soul is to enlarge and enrich God’s kingdom just as a good flock brings wealth to the shepherd.

Ps 23:3 – Restore also means ‘return home again/reverse’ in Hebrew. In Christ we are re-born, returning to God’s original relationship with His children. God walked with man before the fall.

In Christ i.e. ‘for His name’s sake’ we are sons and daughters of the Most High and enjoy a return to an intimate friendship in His presence.

Ps 23:4 – Our life on earth is the valley, we shouldn’t fear death because v3 says our souls are restored.

Our lives will always present ways of succumbing to sin, which may lead to death. But see, He is always with us!! If we heed His voice there’s no need to fall.

Ps 23:5 – Who cares what the world does! Our God loves, is forgiving & promises to exceed expectations of the human mind & bless you, mightily.

Ps 23:6 – Why waste your energy searching when goodness and mercy have been stalking YOU!! Sometimes we spend too much time looking in the wrong places…

Take a minute to meditate, pray, search the word and all these things will be yours. Let God take control & be the shepherd who leads you.

Written by Orode Faka of @thelafamily

Join us, we are currently reading through the New Testatment ad=nd the book of Psalms, 1 chapter each daily. See for today’s bible reading.