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READ: #LAFruits Devotional – ‘Eagerly Desire The Gifts Of The Spirit; Psalm 30, 1 Corinthians 14 by @Eloxie

April: Month of LOVE
Reading: 1 Corinthians 14, Psalm 30


Text: ‘ Follow the way of LOVE and EAGERLY desire gifts of the Spirit especially prophecy.’ 1 Corinthians 14:1

My friend told me about one of her family vacation trips abroad. Her children at the time were aged between 5 and 10. As she queued at the till, the children were becoming a nuisance and she was highly irritated. She just said with a broad soft smile and in Ibo, ‘If you don’t stop that, I am going to smack you hard’, and the kids immediately set themselves right. Some parents in the queue were surprised because she was all smiles.
That’s what tongues are, a special language you have for intimate conversation with God your father.

Here are a few advantages
• You speak to God
• You utter mysteries by the Spirit
• You edify yourself

So, please sharpen your gift of tongues, and as you pray more, you evolve into clear utterance and language. It’s time to stop babbling in tongues like a baby learning to speak. Build yourself by praying and singing in the spirit, and enter the rhythm of God’s mind.

The gifts of the Spirit are the supernatural tools we have to ‘do greater things than Jesus did.’ From the daily choices: as to when to leave and how to live and who to marry or hire and fire and what to say. We operate on a higher dimension by the spirit.

How amazing to walk into a board meeting forewarned by the Spirit, or reject a business proposal by word of knowledge?

We must realize that the gifts of the Spirit aren’t just for ministry and pastors. They are for ALL of us. Love must be the motivation for our desire for the gifts, not self-aggrandizement.

Prayer Focus
Father, I desire to live victoriously and be an effective representative of Your kingdom. I earnestly desire spiritual gifts and I pray that You will empower me by the gifts of the Spirit in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Written by Eloho Onwah (@Eloxie) of @thelafamily