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READ #LAActs Devotional Day 9 – ‘The Encounter and Its Effects’


An encounter is a meeting involving two or more people and is often not planned. Paul, on his way to Damascus to persecute Christians, encountered Jesus. The light of God, struck him with blindness and the experience from his encounter began.

Paul’s encounter is unique and it has been a lot different since then. An encounter with God never leaves you the same, changes are bound to occur and in Paul’s case his direction and purpose towed a new path. The Christian killer becomes the gospel preacher. He began witnessing boldly for the Lord.

After the scales fell off his eyes, I believe the darkness covering his understanding was removed. The effect of the light he encountered on his way began to materialize. He saw the gospel of Christ in a new light. Now he was willing to die for the gospel, it became invaluable to him.

Paul’s encounter was mainly for him to receive the Holy Spirit (Acts 9:17). It was only after he received the empowerment of the Holy Spirit that he could fulfil the plan God had for him .
Similarly, timid Peter transformed into the miracle worker and preacher extraordinaire winning 3000 souls in a day after after an encounter with the Holy Spirit.

An encounter with the Holy Spirit never leaves us same.

Prayer Focus
Father, I need an encounter with the Holy Spirit. Let your light illuminate my life bringing to nought every darkness in me, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Written by Chinedum Udeh of @theLAfamily