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READ #LAActs Devotional Day 25 ‘Is Jesus Your Hope?’


How far are you willing to go to obtain your salvation? The salvation of others?

If Jesus is our hope we should seek a dedicated life in Christ even if it brings us under attack from all sides – the religious and the world.

Are we a Festus? – Know the truth but afraid to affirm it due to its unpopularity, therefore keeping many souls in chains.

Are we religious? – A strong advocate on doctrine and law, ready to condemn and judge accordingly, always-seeking vengeance for God.

Are we dedicated, like Paul? – Striving to share the gospel of Christ. Seeking the salvation of mankind through a dedicated life of service in all that we do.

We can judge the state of the world and decree it’s the ‘end times’ but we are still no closer to ‘end times’ than 2,000 years ago. Stay in your lane and focus on strengthening your personal relationship with God so you may continue to spread the good news. We need a strong foundation in God when you find yourself like Paul stuck in the midst of continuous hostility.

Of course there are many reasons not to share glad tidings, with so much injustice it is hard to remain hopeful and preach it. Except, don’t sacrifice the gospel of Christ because ‘a certain man named Jesus…is alive’ doesn’t make sense to the world.

Declare: Jesus is alive and I will testify of His truth.

There is hope in prayer. There is hope in our salvation but without hope in Jesus, and sharing it with others, particularly during these testing times, we have failed.

Stay faithful. Stand firm upon the word of God; chains are breaking.

‘Let a man so consider us, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God. Moreover it is required in stewards that one be found faithful.’ 1 Cor 4:1

Prayer Focus
Lord, show me the many ways I can bring a new song and a fresh hope to share the word, even in the midst of great personal trials, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Written by Orode Faka of @thelafamily