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READ #LAActs Devotional Day 23 ‘God Is Still There’

God is still there

That night the Master appeared to Paul: ‘It’s going to be alright. Everything is going to turn out for the best. You’ve been a good witness for me here in Jerusalem. Now you are going to be my witness in Rome.’ Acts 23:11 (MSG)

‘It’s going to be alright.’ Sounds familiar right? Like a friend comforting you with words that were just what you needed to help you get through times of adversity.

These were the words God spoke to Paul because God knew he was passing through hard and trying times i.e. slaps from Ananias aides and the plot to kill him. God’s word came to Paul at the heat of his trials, when he could have begun to question God’s presence or believe that God has abandoned him.

God’s word came at the right time to comfort and encourage him, reassuring him that God will be by his side all the way. Unlike Paul, we may not receive visions of God appearing to us in our lowly times. When we really need to hear God’s words of comfort, we can receive His word speaking to us each and every time we open our bibles.

Here’s what God told me when I was faced with a crisis and opened His word to hear His voice. He said ‘And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.’ Matt 28:20

Prayer Focus
Father help me to constantly stay on Your word so I can hear Your voice comforting, encouraging and strengthening me through the good and bad times, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Written by Chinedum Udeh of @thelafamily