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READ #LAActs Devotional Day 15 ‘One Vision’


The 15th chapter of the Book of Acts explains how the leaders of the early church settled a major dispute that could have hampered the spread of the gospel and expansion of the kingdom of God here on earth.

The dispute was whether the Gentiles could share the joy of repentance and continue to live under the law of Christ without fulfilling the law of Moses (circumcision).

It is important to note that the elders of the early Church shared the same vision and were all filled with the Holy Spirit, therefore their decisions, and teachings, were not at variance, aided by the workings of the Holy Spirit.

As a leader in today’s world, whom do you consult with?
What is the pedigree of your counselors? (Psalm 1:1)
Who are your team members?
Do you have the same vision?

This is important because you are only as good or wise as those with whom you surround yourself.

In all our affairs, we must ensure that our team or advisors share our vision too. We must also pray to be filled with the Holy Spirit. This will ensure that decisions are made with the same thought pattern.

Prayer Focus
Faithful Father, I thank You for making the Holy Spirit available to teach me all things. I ask for a support system that will love You as I do, and that all those around me will be passionate about the things I hold dear in Jesus’ amazing name, Amen.

Written by Sholape Oludayo of @thelafamily