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READ: #Fruits15 Devotional Day 3 – When God Leads


The happiest people are people who have developed the art of hearing from God and obeying Him, allowing themselves to be lead by God.

So many people are running helter skelter seeking miracles and solutions to various needs of love, comfort, job, money, happiness etc, the devil keeps them busy with these pursuits, when all that is required is a pause, listening and hearing from God.

My son is trying to walk and I do my utmost to remove everything that will be an obstacle on his way so he doesn’t fall and injure himself. What more God who loves us more than we can love ourselves, children or spouses! He will naturally guide us away from Harm and evil!

When we allow ourselves to be led by God, we have peace, fulfilment, and contentment. We can’t be led by God when we don’t hear from Him and hearing from Him entails  studying the bible, praying and listening to His Spirit who lives within us!

How can we let God lead us? Or know the mind of God concerning a matter? Here are a few ways I have found to help me:

1. By seeking God on purpose.
(Heb 11:6) God is a rewarder…We will find Him if we seek him.

2. You will have a leading: This leading maybe in form of a word or a prompting.

3. You will have peace with the decision. If you can’t get peace regarding any decision or matter at hand, then you must continue in prayer and seeking God’s face.

4. Your decision will be Scriptural.
That which is in conflict with Scripture is not from God.

When we begin to make conscious effort to seek God’s face on issues concerning our life and future, God will continue to lead us.

He will lead you.

Prayer Focus
Heavenly Father, grant us the grace to trust You in all things and at all times, knowing that You alone knows what’s best for us and sanctify our ears to hear You always! Amen.

Written by Ifeoma Ojinnaka of @thelafamily