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PRAYER POINTS for LA Family Fast. DAY 3.

“I want to thank God, the creator of Heaven and earth, The great I AM, The Holy and Righteous God, The Holy One of Israel. My bro (Bernard) is getting better. One who cld not eat, walk properly(walked with assistance), always lying down, and in tears now eats. walks, even did some exercises, and the persistent n severe headache that made him, cry is gone. All this happen in just a day. many more has happened which I will share at the end of the fast. Help me praise His Holy name.”

Thank God, and may it encourage you to commit all to God’s hands.


Focus:  Health & Career.


15:26 ; 3JOHN 2 ; ISAIAH 53:5 PROVERBS 18:14

1. Pray that you will enjoy living in Divine health.

2. Bind every spirit of infirmity in the name of Jesus. Command that every evil device against your health be disappointed. 
3. Ask God to overflow every trace of sickness, weakness and fear in your life in Jesus’ name.
4. Break all the curses of deformity, infirmity and sickness in your family; back to ten generations on both sides of your family. Denounce and renounce any covenant of sickness formed consciously by you or others in the past.
5. Command all hidden sickness to depart from your life and release the power of God upon them.
6. Curse the root of hereditary disease and curses and command it to be broken in the name of Jesus. Please the blood of Jesus over your body.7. Thank God because Divine health is your portion in 2014 and beyond.

Prayer Request: believe God for the total healing of Bernard. Curse any trace of sickness in his life. Plead the blood of Jesus over him. He who started this good work will finish it.

10:35; PSALM 119:99
2.  Give God praise because He has great plans for your life, which no one can hinder. 
3. Pray for your steps to be ordered to the people who will give you the right counsel related to your field.
4. Pray to receive the favour of the Lord and ask that it be manifest to your employers. 
5. Take authority over the spirit of fear, by declaring your freedom from the fear of man. 6. Hand over every career battle to the Lord and ask Him to fight for you.

7. Pray for the students in our midst that God will give them the spirit of excellence. And that all those who seek admission into higher institution will experience open doors in Jesus name.

8. Pray for those seeking employment, that God will open a door of favor for them. Ask the Lord to show them what to do to make wealth. 
9. Thank God because 2014 will be your year of divine acceleration career wise.
10. Begin to prophesy into your career. Just open your mouth and prophesy. 

God bless you, and don’t forget to share the testimonies with us.

Join us tomorrow for Day 4.

The LA family.