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Pray for the children – @Sholape1

This is a post that was made in our Writing Ministry Team’s chat group. Please join us and add your prayers in the comment section.

God bless you!

Olushola Aromona – @Sholape1
I have a small request. But first, the basis for this request. I had this dream about a man with 3 children and all of them turned out bad and this so grieved the father. I didn’t think too much about it but as I had my prayers, I felt this heaviness in my spirit to pray for children.
Now my request: Please let us pray for our children – biological, adopted, spiritual, whichever. This is not limited to those who have kids alone. You can begin to speak to the lives of your unborn. Let us pray that they will not turn bad. That they will not grieve us. (Remember Prophet Eli and his sons?)
Also, let us pray that we won’t especially grieve our Father in heaven. That as He tends us, we won’t go our own way. Hosea 11; Psalms 127:1; 1Sam2: 12-36

May we have a beautiful August in Jesus name.

Ifeoma Ojinnaka –
Father in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I pray for my children, the yet to be born ones and all the children in the world. I pray that You Lord will catch them young for your glory and the evil one will not see them. I pray that they shall never grieve us and most especially that we do no grieve You. Thank You for our children! Amen.

Muyiwa Oyelana –
Dear God, we know the times are evil and the counsel of evil is strong, but we also understand that you power is infinite and your grace abounds, Lord we look out to the world and pray your grace on the children of men that you will draw them to you. We ask because of what we see but we also believe that we walk by faith not sight. So we believe that your purpose shall shatter that of the enemy and that no matter the devices of the enemy to lead children to hell. Your word will still prevail and bring men unto you especially our children

Adaobi Nwosu –
Dear Lord we commit our children into your hands. They shall be taught of you and great shall be their peace and our peace in Jesus name. Amen.

Isaacola AA –
All our spiritual, biological and adopted are covered. The least they can be is the level we are IJN

Orode Faka – 
Almighty God as You have placed our children in our care we confess our convenant with You. We acknowledge that we are guardians, stewards you have chosen to bless with the care of your beloved children. May we prove ourselves worthy of this responsibility and not cause one of them to deviate from the purpose You have sent them here to fulfil in Jesus name.
Father, for any lost soul left alone that is stumbling through darkness we make ourselves a lighthouse and refuge. Cause Your light to shine through us O God that he/she may come home to You. We declare that the destiny of no child within our community shall be truncated. We are raising champions who will take over territories for Your sake in Jesus name. You who have fearfully and wonderfully made each and every child shall have the ultimate authority over their lives.
We rededicate the lives of our children, born and unborn. They shall be light unto their generation, a peculiar people, bold and shamelessly confident to declare the gospel of Jesus Christ.
We strengthen every parent, aunty, uncle, grandparent, and elder. May they walk in truth and light. May they honour the call and be a godly example to the children in their care. Anyone who is struggling Lord we pray that You send help and support. Children need a strong family support. May those whose families are split because of separation or long distance employment find favour in Your sight. Lord Jesus, Your love will prevail in their lives, especially the children.
Any parent who is neglecting responsiblity, wilfully or unwillingly, we pray for the love of Jesus to enter their hearts and make new every broken promise and hurt caused into their children. We relinquish every spirit of abandonment, anger and distrust.
Thank you LORD because You hear us. Thank You for speaking through Sholape and reminding us to keep Your commands fresh in the hearts of children so generations to come will praise you.
In Jesus name we pray. AMEN!

Please feel free to add your prayers in the comments box.