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Pastor David Ogbueli on Mentorship in Ministry

With tongues I draw water from the well of insight. I can never run dry of revelation.

The gift of flesh, and the gift of healing does not operate in the flesh; it operates in the spirit. Connect through tongues.

There is no ministry without prayer.

When I pray in the spirit, I drown my doubt, my unbelief.

In ministry, there is no competition. Just find your job and know that it is important. Know what it is you carry, and you cannot assume. There is proof of ministry.

Help another person that God has helped succeed, and the thing catapults you to that level. You cannot succeed a man who did not honor.

3 Things to look for in a mentor:

1. Integrity/character.
2. Success/ Productivity
3. Longevity

To bring people to lay hands on you. Before we transfer more than words, there is transference of spirit.

It is not every revelation that came from God. Try and test the revelation, then share only those that have worked over time.

There are more fish inside the ocean, than the few inside the boat. Cast your net into the deep.

The work goes with the money. Don’t ask for what you don’t need.

When you have favor, use it.
Be wise like Esther, but use it!
Powerful people like humble people.

It is not every example people give you copy. If you are a pastor by calling, stay with the sheep.

You need a minimum of 3 years, for your people to be established.

The age of discipleship in Scriptures is 3 years.

Three laws of the mentor:

1. Direction/ motivation / envisioning
You help him see where he is going.
2. Training or mentoring
Once he knows you train him to expand his capacity to help him get there.
3. Correction
Rebuke and correct. You shouldn’t give people exam when you have not taught them several times.

Utilize the mistake as an opportunity for correction, to cause the initial lesson to sink in.

Mentees and protegees are different from sons.

3 Laws of the mentee:
1. Law of submission
2. Law of honor
3. Law of followership/ Law of service. 1 Cor 11:1

A Saul can mentor a David; and God was not expecting David to lose his anointing.

Looking at Jesus helps you to avoid the mistakes of your mentor. If you look only at man, you will reproduce both the mistakes and achievements of your mentor.

When it comes to evil, your mentees don’t need to fast before they reproduce it in their lives. So you need to be careful.

Honor is more important than submission.

In every area of life, there is authority.
On flights, pilots,
On the street, road safety, police.

There is no place without authority; once you remove it you have disaster. You remove it, accident will happen.

If you do not honor, your struggle will not end.

Seed can connect to all grace.

Connect with the grace via a seed. Age has nothing to do with it.

Somebody was the electric pole through which power came into your house. If you disconnect it, you are on your own.

Law of source and sustenance.
The source of anything is the sustenance of it. The secret to power is connection. If you lose it, reconnect.

man’s source is God – to sustain your spirit, have a relationship with God. The breath of life is sustains the spirit of man.

To sustain the flesh, feed it with food, else it dies.

Even if you hear from God, you need a priest over your life.

There are two powers that drive destiny:
1. The power of God.
2. The power of man.

When dealing with earth, apply the power of man.

Even Jesus had favor with God and man.

We are not saying become a man pleaser, but you have to respect human institution.

There is trespass offering – sin against man.

5 Levels of maturity in the church:
1. Children.
2. Members
3. Disciples – when your church becomes strong
4. Ministers
5. Sons – The level Jesus operated.
Until you are a son, you can’t be a father.

A son abides forever. But a servant departs.
John 8:35

The other one is blessed to start his own. While the son expands the vision of the father.

The son carry the DNA of the father.

There is a way you move with servants that can move them to sonship. Prv 29:21

To succeed beyond your wildest imagination, grow sons.

The pyramid
1. Converts.
They are children of God.
You do a consolidation work to get them to be committed to their pastors and church.

Membership is very important. And the process as well.

Correction is painful; the human nature does not like correction.
Operation is cutting to save. To do that,

A mentee gives the mentor the permission to correct him.

Notes by Ikechukwu Amadi