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Pastor David Ogbueli : How to Pray Effectively

Prayer activates the law of recognition. To recognize where your blessing lies. It helps you know people.

Prayer enables you to discern

The first realm of partnership with God is in the realm of prayer. Until you learn to do it, you probably wouldn’t be of much use to Him.

God desires for a surrendered life through which he can flow through the earth, not necessarily your money.

Before God does anything, he reveals to a man.
His revelation goes before his intervention.

His first coming, He informed many people.

Therefore, position yourself to be a custodian of God’s secrets. Be one of those with whom God discusses his secrets.

God’s plan comes blessed already, anointed already. All you need is to align yourself with His plan.

God comes in response to believing prayer.

Without God, we can’t. But without man, God won’t.

3. God needs a vessel to manifest himself on earth. Psalm 40.

Pray: Lord, use me to extend your kingdom on earth.

Sanctification is separation for purpose of consecration – to be a vessel for God.

Set apart not for common use, but for special use.

One of the people that will receive the greatest blessing on earth is those who partner with Him in the place of prayer.

You get to a point where you are touched with the feeling of the infirmities of others. Like a signal.

If we start learning to pray and watch for all men, the enemy wont go through.

Anytime the devil succeeds, it is a failure in prayer.

Heb 10:7

Take me. Cleanse me, fill me with yourself. You can go through me. You are the vine I am the branch.

Ask God to purify your tongue with coals of fire from heaven.

Purify it from deceit, from evil speaking, and give me a tongue of fire that carries conviction, prophetic penetration, so that when I speak, the words you put in my mouth never fall to the ground again.

Ask God to touch your eyes and your ears. That the anointing for hearing and discernment, for wisdom and revelation, for innovation.

Everything blocking my spiritual sight, I rebuke it now in the name of Jesus. Anoint my eye that I might see. Give me an ear that I might hear. Give me a heart that will obey you.

Our gifts are activated in the place of prayer.

Worship until you are in possession of the faith of God. And you can speak to the same things that crumble your spirit, and watch them break down.

Praying in the spirit is like exercise.

Put off the flesh, and put off fear, and put on the faith of God, in the place of prayer.

In the place of prayer you give up your humanity and take up his divinity, and so you can do the mighty works of God.

IN the place of prayer, I put off my carnal mind and put on the mind of God.

Those times you think you have hit a road block that there is no way out, switch on the other dimension.

You want to have mastery over your self: physical exercise, spiritual exercise and rest is the way to go.

God needs you!!

We are the fruit bearing arm of Jesus, and he is the life giving part of your life. You stop abiding in Christ you dry up.

The fulness of God now dwells in the church. It dwelt in Christ. We are the body of Christ.

Pray these things first. Kingdom praying comes before personal prayers.

Pray in the kingdom, his rulership, in dominion in every sphere. You start with yourself.

Pray the plan and purposes on earth. You become the vehicle for praying down his plan and purposes. And praying that the plans of the enemy be thwarted.

If you want God’s will to happen on earth. It depends on you.

You pray in the plans of God on the earth.
You thwart the plans of the enemy. Prayer overrules his plans and causes God’s purposes to be established on the earth.

This year you’ll walk in righteousness, in protection, in the wisdom of God. In Jesus name.


Notes by Ikechukwu Amadi