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Our lives should be a continuous festive celebration to God. #POTW

Psalms 128:6 NKJV

Yes, may you see your children’s children. Peace be upon Israel!

Is it possible to live without expectancy?
Or is it possible to have faith without experiencing doubt?

No matter where you are in this world I can guarantee that there is some news that can make one feel incredibly weary, whether it be a national tragedy or personal disappointment; that’s life!

Take Psalm 121 to heart. It will be your faithful companion, your motivator and comforter when life just doesn’t make sense and you want to know which direction to go.

Psalm 121 is the second of the ‘songs of ascent’, these psalms were sung by pilgrims during the festive seasons when they would journey to Jerusalem, and from within the Temple as they mounted the steps, hence the name ‘ascent’. It’s relevance to us as, a believer, is that our lives are, or should be, a continuous festive celebration to God. We are living an eternal pilgrimage seeking God and you can guarantee that along the way we shall experience discomfort, harsh climates and extreme spurts of tiredness. But no one ever embarks on a journey without a destination in mind or without considering the risks.

Jesus repeatedly taught against doubt and you can only imagine how he could live out his purpose knowing that his destination included a journey of such affliction, betrayals and ultimately violent death. However, and this is where the giddy excitement surfaces, he didn’t just have hope in the promises of the Father for our salvation, he knew them as absolute truth. There was and is nothing in this world, or of this world, that has power over God’s word.

Meditate once more on Psalm 121 and receive each verse as your truth and testimony. Never allow your gaze not to behold the glory of God in the beauty of your surroundings, if no hills are present, keep seeking God within you, eventually He will take over. There is no one who embarks on a journey to seek God that will not meet Him.

The LORD is ready to preserve you.

Orode Faka
For @theLAfamily