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Open your bible and it will open you up!

Today, our beloved  brother @ete_ubom used the tag “#pleasetakeNotes” to give us some very important  points and just in case you didn’t follow up, here are the lessons:

  • Our God stables the shake-ables
  • Abiding in Him, we are safe
  • He has no pleasure in the death of sinners.
  • When dangers threaten, it is good to commend ourselves to God to hide us, He will hide us either under or in heaven
  • Afflictions bring us to secret prayer
  • The intention of afflictions is to teach righteousness: blessed is the man whom the Lord thus teaches
  • We make nothing of our religion, whatever our profession may be, if we do not make heart-work of it.
  • Read the Bible and let it scare the hell out of you.
  • Open your bible and it will open you up!
  • Those that mourn for sin shall be comforted
  • Do not forsake the Old Testament. From there we take corrections.
  • When tested, we overcome, and we testify.
  • He will raise those to spiritual life who were long dead in trespasses and sins. That is how merciful He is
  • The Lord ever was, and ever will be, the Refuge of distressed believers.
  • We should learn to mourn for sin, and rejoice in God. That way; no man, no event, can take our joy from us
  • It is good to apply to ourselves what the Scripture says of the vanity and vexation of spirit
  • God’s destruction, designed to convince men of the vanity and uncertainty of all earthly glory

#pleasetakenotes by @ete_ubom

For #LA187