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Obedience to the Father’s will by @0rode

There’s something compelling and reassuring about a person whose integrity and principles are faith-based. They earn the trust and confidence of others by their convictions but more than that, they build and empower the faith and convictions of others.

Isaac wasn’t a child when the events of Gen 22 occurred. He was a young man, estimated 16 – 26 years old (Jewish Encyclopaedia) yet save for a one gentle enquiry he silently accepted. At some point the realisation must have dawned on him and he stayed. There was a shift from obeying his father to trusting in the God his father has taught him to obey and so he became a willing sacrifice.

Daily we are called by God to accompany Him because he needs our help to complete a mission, like Abraham asks of Isaac. Like Isaac, the bundles of wood are our burdens to carry to the altar. God binds us in cords of love, spirit and faith to sacrifice our flesh that His will manifests for the sake of generations.

There is a greater victory when obedience is conscious and willing. Let us make a decision today to be a living sacrifice.

What and who are your Isaacs?

Beloved, quiet my mind from questioning the road You lead me that I may be obedient to your will and trust you to the very end, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

By Orode Faka