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Nothing new…

As we read through the book of Job, what comes to my mind is  Ecclesiastes 1:9 and it reads ‘ What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.’

What has been will be again. The probability that what happened  will happen again  is 1. I can personally relate to the story of Job, as far as the counselors( Eliphaz, Bildad, Zophar) are concerned. However, Job is teaching us how to be wise in our speech, even when under distress.

I remember at one point in life when I was afflicted by sickness. It was not fun. I had to stay out of school for one year, and the hospital wards became my home. I don’t think by then I had really known what happened to Job, i would be smillling on my sickbed(I guess). I only had an idea. The answers Job got from his friends are close to the “counsel” my parents got when i was sick. As they visited me in hospital, many had something to stay, i think they are relatives to Job’s counselors.

Couselor 1 “Madam are you sure you have not got involved in any works of darkness and now your daughter is paying the price? The money you used for building your house is it clean money?”

Counselor 2 “Madam,maybe your husband killed someone in the line of duty and the spirit is haunting him through your daughter. I don’t think God would punish your family just like that. There must be something!”

Counselor 3″ Madam you have not cried enough to the Lord. He would have heard you and healed your daughter. Cry!Cry!” Great counselors there, just to mention but a few.You will agree with me this is almost the same questions Job is being asked “Are you sure you have not done something against God’s will?

Now, what do we learn from this?That whenever something goes wrong in your life your ways of life will be questioned, and the judges will not spare you. There is nothing new under the sun, it happened to Job, it could happen to you. The greatest news is that you will not be surprised when this happens; because you know how to deal with it. And one of our #la187 family members put it “TRIALS ARE NOT ALWAYS A RESULT OF SIN” Look at Job,God says there is no one like Him on earth,a perfect and upright man, who fears the Lord. And satan is not happy about that. In fact if you are not doing something right satan has no time for you, nothing calls for his attention.At one point we will encounter criticism, but what God says about us is more important than what people say.What is God saying about you?

As for people, they have to talk, it is not  new…but you are a new creation. #fresh #chap and #alive; this is what matters most.

If you must answer your critic then tell them “Wait critic, see what the Lord is doing in my life.”

I love Job,he didn’t break down that his friends judged him, he instead had wise  words for them. use the #word #learn from Job