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Nehemiah 1 – A Man of Prayer

“I sat down and wept for many days.” Neh 1:4 When last did you sit down and weep for your nation? Oh we complain but never weep.

Nehemiah did three things in reaction to the state of things in Israel.
1. Nehemiah wept for his nation. He felt it. He left it sink in. Jesus wept in Jn11:35, David wept in 1 Sam 30:4. Leaders weep. Nehemiah wept. #LANeh 1:4
2. Nehemiah fasted. He humbled himself before the Lord. Fasting is like giving a part of yourself, so you can get a part of God. #LANeh 1:4
3. Nehemiah prayed. Fasting must go with prayer. Nehemiah prayed in faith. Nehemiah prayed according to God’s will (word). #LANeh 1:4

Observe Nehemiah’s prayer:
A. Nehemiah praised God. “You who keep your covenant and mercy.” When we pray we must acknowledge god’s greatness. #LANeh 1:5
B. Nehemiah was involved. He did not exonerate himself. He shared the blame. Leaders share the blame. They don’t act saintly in the face of trouble. #LANeh 1:6-7
C. Nehemiah reminded God of his Word: “Remember, O God, your Word…” Effective prayer is based on God’s word. #LANeh 1:8

Tomorrow we’ll see how God responded to Nehemiah’s prayer.