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My Lips Are Not For Ungodly Slangs -by @feyily

Purify my lips O Lord.

‘Hear a just cause, O Lord, Attend to my cry; Give ear to my prayer which is not from deceitful lips.’ Psalm 17:1

Have you ever wondered why prayers are not answered? Of course there are so many reasons but there’s a major reason why, God dislikes prayers from deceitful lips.
It is your duty to use your lips to let God and others know how much you love God and not otherwise. If people do not know your faith through the words that proceed out of your mouth then only you will know your salvation.

According to Psalm 63:3, our lips are meant to praise God and not rain abuses and ungodly slangs. Yet sometimes we find it so hard to exchange pleasantries in a godly manner; we use the language and ways of the world to express ourselves. Do we ever stop to think before speaking to allow our ‘words [to] be seasoned with grace’? Grace, no matter the circumstances we are to present and praise God in all we do, which must include the words that flow from our mouths. A simple Good morning or God bless you works wonders in all occasions, especially the most temperate ones.

In our Christian pilgrimage we will get to a stage where we begin to understand that with unclean lips we cannot see God. When Isaiah saw the Lord In Isaiah 6, he confessed to be a man of unclean lips; until an angel touched his lips with a live coal God did not speak. God cannot intervene in some aspects of our lives until we are clean, remember the Lord is holy!

We need to ask the Lord to purify our lips until we are done. Purification is a grace we can only receive from God. ‘And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.’ Romans 12:2

All forms of purification require fire and we need endurance and sheer determination to ensure it is thoroughly done. Therefore, purifying our hearts must be a continuous process because ‘out of it flows matters of life and out of its abundance the mouth speaketh.’

When words of prayers proceeds out of our purified hearts and through our lips, our Father in heaven is ready to load us with that which we desire, if it is within his will for our lives.

Lord, purify my heart with your holy fire, take away my iniquity, purge me of my sins and grant me the grace to represent him everywhere you go.

Today’s devotional was written by @Feyily @feyily.