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More Quotes on #Sanctification from John G. Lake.

1.For unless the soul, the mind of man, is redeemed from his own self into the Spirit of God, that man is still an unredeemed man. (Tweet This )

2.The soul of man is that intermediate quality between body and spirit which comprehends all the action of our mental powers – the natural mind. (Tweet This)

3. Real Christianity is marked by the pureness, by the holiness of the thoughts of man. Tweet This

4. If Christianity – the kind you have – does not produce in your mind real holiness, real purity, real sweetness, real truth, then it is a poor brand. Change it right away. (Tweet This)

5. Submit your mind to the Lord Jesus to be remolded by the Holy Spirit so that it becomes the pure channel of a holy nature. (Tweet This)

6. The value of the precious blood of Jesus Christ is that through it that life stream that flows from us may be made holy. (Tweet This)

7. Beloved, surely we who profess to know the living God, who profess to live in union with Him, ought to present to the world that attitude of mind, that pureness of mind, that holiness of mind which needs no recommendation.

Beloved if your life has not been satisfactory, if you have not recognized the holy character that Christ expects from a real Christian, then come up into the real life, the life hid with Christ in God – Revelation 22:1-21

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