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Marry Her: Tips for a Healthy Marriage with Pastor Wood

Pastor Wood on Marriage

You can never leave God out and have a great marriage.

If God be for us, who can be against us?

Money cannot satisfy us, but a good loving husband and wife can satisfy us.

Your wife will not obey you, but she will obey God.

Marriage is built on trust. We must be seeking God.

You need a woman that has the same spirit as you.

Learn to agree and to care for the other person.

Marriage requires experience.
It is very easy to get married, but it is not easy to sustain a marriage. What will help us in marriage? Who will you go to for marriage advice before you get married. So many marriages crash because they don’t know.

Marriage is not easy to fix when you are going in it. Have you ever seen a moving train being fixed?

Get training from the designer. Every young person who wants to get married should be given an assignment to go through the Bible and find all the Scriptures about marriage.

God’s plan is not only good, it is the best! God designed marriage and his plan works best, always.

Say often: I am with you no matter what, and I’ll be faithful to you.

It is so important to tell your woman that you love her.

Marriage means Together!

Praying together before you sleep, before meals, If the Lord prayed with his disciples before food, shouldn’t we pray?

The Scriptures make it clear that all our difficulties are a test. You are not trained well until you have gone beyond your strength.

God is with me! Psalm 24:4

Don’t deceive your spouse
Don’t hide money from each other
Don’t see other women.

Have clean hearts, pure hearts, don’t lift your soul to vanity.

We can never make another person do what they don’t want to do.

About the same time you were born, God made a wife or husband for you; your goal is to find them!

You are important, and God made a plan for you, just be sure to find that plan.

Bad marriage foundation is guaranteed to fail you.

The foolish man wants to build but doesn’t want to spend much.

You must know God’s word. God’s word will hold you, will keep you.

Are you doing what the Lord will have you do in your marriage?

Are you loving your wife as much as you love yourself?

Luke 6:47
Do you think the devil likes your marriage?
The smallest unit of the church is the family. IF the family is strong, then the church is strong.

To have the marriage hold, make the foundation strong.

If you have sinned against your partner, confess your sin and ask God to help you.

Thank you Pastor Wood !