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Man of God, prophesy! What is prophecy? by @Eloxie

We have limited prophesy to “thus saith the Lord.” The prophetic is simply God’s mind. And a prophet is one who declares God’s mind. So when we speak the mind of God via the testimony of Jesus we prophesy.

The gift of prophecy is not interpretation of tongues or limited to a woli saying, “thus saith the Lord”
The things that are revealed belongs to us and things that are secret are God’s

So if God says, “Shall anything happen without me telling my servant the prophet,” it means the prophetic is simply declaring what God is saying and doing now. It is an ability to hear the proceeding word.

What is God saying now?

What is God’s mind towards a situation?

I just want to disabuse our minds from limiting the prophetic to dreams and visions

The ability to walk in the supernatural and add power to purpose is wrapped in the manifestation of the gifts
But we cannot covet and desire what we do not understand

The gifts of the Spirit are for everyday effectiveness

It’s the power of our witness

Why does the believer appear powerless? Cos there is no bite in our bark

Show me a man who like Daniel has wisdom on his lips. Or by discernment always makes the right choices. People will listen to him or her with time

His life will be backed by power. The supernatural power of the Holy Ghost. So let us all covet earnestly spiritual gifts. To covet is to have “long throat’ I wish we could study the 9 gifts one by one and see where they manifest in the scriptures
We cannot desire what we do not understand. That’s the reason we cannot tell fake from original many times. We don’t really understand the gifts ourselves.

Bless God for sister Eloho, @eloxie