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Look Beyond The Letters by @kingdomturf

When I started out as a student of the Bible, I believed that for me to understand what the Scriptures is saying, I must read KJV, NKJV, NLT, AMPLIFIED and The Message.  I believed that unless I understood Greek and Hebrew roots, I could never grasp what the scriptures is saying. I thought I was  being diligent, but indeed, I got it all wrong, and it took some time for me to figure that out.

Bless God for all the Bible resources at our disposal; they have gone a very long way in shaping our understanding of scripture. The labors of the men who put in their best to put these resources together must continue to have our utmost regard.

But, over time I have come to discover that many of us have reduced the revelation of Truth to what these resources have made available. We have begun to idolize them. When a Believer studies and he seeks clarity, instead of asking the Holy Spirit, he asks the multiple translations on his study desk. We have magnified these resources above the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

The outcome of this is that, we have become too intellectual with the holy scriptures. All we care about is the Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic roots. All we care about is how the Amplified or the Message translation puts it. We’ve completely shut out the Holy Spirit.

But this ought not to be. Indeed, the Spirit can use these resources to explain certain truths to us, but they must never substitute Him. These days, I’m beginning to understand what Dad Smith Wigglesworth meant when he said…”Some read their bible in Hebrew, some read it in Greek, but I like to read it in the Holy Ghost”. I like that testimony!

Friend, the Spirit is whistling to us to press into deeper revelations of truth, but to do that, nothing must take His place. As you study, ask Him to illuminate you. If he leads you to a resource, pick it up. If not, just enjoy Him.

Trust me, you’d love that realm of fellowship

Have a Great Sunday.

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