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Lessons from Daniel

Hello fresh and flourishing family;

We just parted with the book of Daniel, below are the points I noted:

  • Work hard in learning and increasing wisdom. Be the best or among the best. They will come looking for you.
  • We can always say No with wisdom, learn from Daniel. We don’t have to be arrogant, we should never be.
  • All knowledge, wisdom and understanding is from God. Whether we acknowledge it or not.
  • There is nothing impossible with God.
  • The God who saved the Hebrew boys from the fiery furnace can do even more for you. Just trust and believe in Him without compromise.
  • Always let others know of the greatness of God. If Nebuchadnezzar could praise God, we can do it better
  • If any word be from God, it must come to pass.
  • You don’t have to be rewarded to do what God has called you to do! See Dan 5:17.
  • Be humble, at all times.
  • God holds all our ways and lives in His hands! Look up to Him.
  • Distinguish yourself. Be different.
  • Because of where God has placed you people will be jealous; do not be moved! Just Praise God.
  • Like Daniel we should and must lead a prayerful life.
  • The God we serve will always rescue us! Ask Darius.
  • God’s kingdom will not be destroyed, His dominion will NEVER end.
  • Like Daniel, learn to write down your visions/dreams.
  • Prayer and fasting is necessary, it is powerful for breakthrough.
  • Do not hesitate to come to God in repentance as He is merciful and forgiving.
  • We do not make requests to God because we are righteous but because of His great Mercy.
  • It is not enough to just know, understand!
  • God will always hear us if we humble ourselves.
  • The end shall be at the appointed time.
  • People who know God will always be strong and do great exploits.
  • The end will surely come; And we choose whether to have everlasting life or shame and everlasting contempt! Choose wisely.

I pray that we may all learn the wisdom of Daniel, Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego; Know it, understand then apply it in our life. You are blessed family.