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‘Esau said, ‘All right! I am about to die; what good will my rights do me then?’ Genesis 25:32 (Goodnews)

Have you ever been in a situation where you are willing to give what you have for what you dearly need or want? Situations where you don’t care – you just want to satisfy a craving! Few years ago, I saw a movie about a family that became outcasts because they harvested and ate yam when the new yam festival has not been observed. The family like Esau was hungry and the only thing they had was the yam in their farm and their freedom. And like Esau, they traded their rights as citizens of the land to satisfy their hunger.

How many times have we lost something really dear to us in our bid to satisfy a legitimate need? It is worthy of note that Esau’s birthright did not just refer to his right as the first child – it was more spiritual than physical. Oftentimes, we make deals that will give us immediate fulfilment and we fail to look at the bigger picture – how will I feel after this feeling of satisfaction wears off? How do we negotiate our way through life? Do we think God can help us out of dire conditions and we won’t have to worry about making wrong deals?

Today, we are challenged to see beyond the immediate. Have you made a wrong decision that has left you dry, bitter, lost and confused? Whatever it is, talk to God about it, He can do all things and give you reasons to smile again.

Are you about making a decision that is making you more confused and threatening to take your joy away? Ask God for skills needed at this period and a discerning spirit.

Remember that God is able to do all things and He can right whatever wrong choice we have made or about to make, talk to Him in prayers and see the miracles unfold!


Faithful Father, today I ask that you equip me with all the skills to navigate through life. Help me make the right decisions. Restore all I have lost in the bad deals I have made and make me happy again in Jesus’ name.

This devotional was written by Olusola Oludayo, @sholape1, for @theLAfamily.