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Leadership Development: Vision for Fruitfulness by W.F. Kumuyi

Vision for Fruitfulness

1. Internalize the vision. Understand the vision and make sure it gets into your heart.
2. Investigate the
3. Interpret the vision. See if it applies to you. Job 33:14-15
4. Inform others about the vision. Influence others with the vision. Instruct others. Inspire others to run with the vision, take it to your congregation.
5. Intercede on the basis of the vision. Acts 16:9. It is beyond what you can accomplish by yourself. Pray! Members should pray, the leadership should pray, the church should pray.
6. Initiate action – start doing something. Initiate strategy. Do something on the basis of the vision.
7. Inculcate that vision in other people, so that as you are running, other people will be ready to run also.

2. Invest the valuables – time, lives, treasures, skill, everything we’ve got in the process of bearing fruit.
Matth. 13:8-9
Acts 18

Proverbs 29:18 – Where there is no vision, the people perish. A man of vision never quits.

To see the fulfilment of the vision:
1. Travail with fervency. Isaiah 53:11; 66:7
2. Team up with others of the same mind, with focus Luke 10:1-2
3. Treat the fruitless – find out why members of your local church are not bearing fruit. What are the hindrances? Why is the word not bearing fruits in their lives?
Why is there no vision, no increase? No going out and bringing sinners into repentance and the salvation of our Lord.

What to treat:
1. Lack of understanding. Open their eyes and understanding to the truth they have heard.
2. Because satan captures their heart. Therefore protect them from the wicked one.
3. No root. In the treatment, get them rooted in the truth, so they are not shaken.
4. Clear the thorns of the cares of this life.
5. Strengthen them against persecution.
6. Warn them about the deceitfulness of riches.
7. Watch over them.

4. Trim the faithful.
John 15:2
5. Transform the feeble
If you brush everyone aside, who will be left?
David had people who had issues as members of his team. Never say there is nothing you cannot do because of the problems of your life. 2 Sam. 23:8
The people that could do nothing originally, became unconquerable, invincible.
6. Train the faithful. 2 Tim 2:2; Gen 30:1-2
7. Thirst for personal fruitfulness and treasure personal truthfulness. Isaiah 50:19-20. Rachel was desperate for a child, she prayed to God and God gave her Joseph, who became a tool in the hands of God.

3. Implementing with virtue and perseverance. The 100 fold fruitfulness.
Mark 4:14 & 20; Gen 26:12; 126:5

There might be challenges where you are going, keep on sowing; There may be tears, heat, etc. Keep on sowing.

Eccl. 11:4; John 4:34; John 15:8

God wants us to bear fruit and you’ll bear much fruit in Jesus name.

See the vision afresh. You have to envision it before you can experience it.
Conceive it before you can carry it.
Pay the price to possess it.
Persevere before you can produce seed.
You’ll sweat in the harvest field before you can produce seed.
See the vision afresh today. Give yourself to the Lord and say, Fruitfulness, fruitfulness, I am going to bear fruit.