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#LAWisdom: The Divine Word that Ended Poverty, and Other Miracles by Elisha (2 Kings 4) 

​Today is Thursday. Bless God for time to spend with his word despite our busy schedules 😊
Today’s reading from 2 Kings 4 was catchy on several fronts. 
Let’s please observe the following. 
1.  the hospitality of the Shunamite woman (vv. 8-11), who seeing the man of God who often passed her doorstep, offers to give him shelter from his long journeys. 

How often do we look upon the plight of them that serve God and us with all their heart? Do we wonder what we can do to make the burden of the Lord easier for them? 
2. The Blessing of the Shunamite woman (vv. 13-17)
With her generosity came a blessing. She got what was lacking in her house. Truth be told: when we give that which we have, we get that which we most need. 
3. The faith of the Shunamite woman (vv. 18-40) 
Although her son died prematurely, she knew that he who made man can restore man. And therefore gathered her faith to go to him who gave her the son.
 We see her faith portrayed in her words. She very well knew and believed the promise that “It shall be well with the righteous”. 
Her confession was faith filled, and her faith did not fail her in that son was soon restored. 

4. The manifestation of power by Elisha the man of God (vv. 1-7, 39-41) . 
A. Firstly we see Elisha work a miracle that ended poverty in the house of a poor debtor (vv. 1-7). 
The woman owed much, and by her obedience to divine instruction, she had enough to pay her debt and to spare. 
Note. Believers may do well to not only live by our experiences, but by the instructions of God, and through his servants. Let us apply those scriptures that speak to our situation and see the living word work wonders in our lives. 
B. We also see Elisha heal the pot of death, and save the sons of the prophet from death by food poisoning. 
O that we would manifest the power of God to our generation. What does it take? 

A pure heart sold wholly to God and his will. 

A heart filled with love for God and His people. 
5. The correct appropriation of gifts meant for the house of God (vv. 42-44) 
Elisha showed integrity in that he gave the people what was meant for them. He didn’t hoard the firstfruits. 
Ministers of God must know what belongs to the church and not take them for personal use, and trust that God will always take care of his servants. 
Prayer: Father, help me to manifest your love and power to this dying world, in Jesus name.

Ike Amadi 

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