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#LAWisdom: A few lessons from Uncle Abi (Genesis 26, Proverbs 26) by @nnamdijuugo

Evening guys. I know we would usually draw wisdom from the fathers of faith, their conduct,their good decisions….and bad ones.
But I would want us to consider a man outside the Faithful Three and their families: Abimelech king of Gerar. Consider his conduct when encountering Isaac and his (Why always Abi) dashing beautiful wife. When Isaac professes Rebekah to be his sister, he withholds his advances till he somewhat catches them ‘smooching’. This might seem insignificant but if you compare his conduct in his encounter to that when he encountered Fada Abe, you would see that he was careful this time.

I would go out and say Abimelech grew. He matured as someone who at first believed God (to the extent of obedience mind you) to a man who learnt and let the instruction remain with him not just as something that happened but as something that stayed with him.
Proverbs 26 would teach us how fruitless it is to do anything good for a fool, whether to correct him, command him, commend him, employ him, advise him or uplift him. With the way he handled Isaac and Rebekah and even his renewed treaty with Isaac, he showed himself to be no fool. In this season of wisdom, we could learn wisdom from the King of Gerar Abimelech.

1. Let us not just receive correction when the Lord’s mercy delivers us out of our own hand made trouble but let us stand corrected.

2. Someone said in the midst of Sun Tzu, Confucius, 48 Laws of Power, Art of War, eventually it is better to be at peace with all men.

Abimelech signed another peace agreement with Isaac after seeing the same hand of the Lord upon him that was upon Father Abe despite the difference in generation and age.

Let us be like Uncle Abi. Good evening.