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#LAProverbs Devotional Day 19 ‘Plan, Prepare, Pray’

#LAProverbs MV Day 19

We all have hopes of building a family, but how far do we extend this vision beyond ourselves? Do we think longterm towards our future generations? Do we think of building a legacy upon a foundation that future generations can, and will uphold?

God clearly lays out instructions for us to adhere, especially with regards to family life. Men, you are to leave a good and strong inheritance for your children, Prov 13:22. Not just your children, but the emphasis is on ensuring what you do has a lasting impact on your grandchildren. If you are already on your way to building this empire, wonderful. But needs a godly / prudent / virtuous woman to build the home, Prov 14:1, 31:10. These houses and riches pertain to a life on earth but it is the woman of God who ensures the heritage in the kingdom.

King Solomon’s clever allegory of the ‘prudent wife’ also refers to the word of God. So yes, he wants us to understand that our inheritance from our fathers is nothing without a godly wife. But really, all we inherit from our fathers is nothing without the word of God by our side.

We, men and women, should not settle for, or settle to be, less than what God has ordained for us. Our lives are not for what we can obtain in the present but what we can do in the present for the benefit of the future. Our work is to build God’s Kingdom.

What is your plan?
How are you preparing for it?
Which areas of your life need prayer?

Prayer Focus
Lord God, I trust in Your word. Lay out the vision before me that I can plan and prepare to be the man or woman You need me to be for my family, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Written by Orode Faka of @thelafamily