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#LAJoshua Devotional Final Thoughts


This morning I read, ‘A Christian is only as good as his reflection of Christ’ (David Guzik).

It kind of relates to Joshua’s response to the Israelites, ‘You cannot serve the LORD, for He is a holy God.’ (Jos 24:19).

It can be so easy to pay lip service with our faith, especially when everything is great in our world because God has blessed us.

Joshua called for a re-commitment, a renewal of their covenant with God. They needed to understand that their commitment cannot be done lightly because the consequences of disobedience will have severe repercussions, (Deut 28).

This is our covenant, ‘If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me’ (Matt 16:24). How often do we make our own personal re-dedication with God? In Christ, we have our own personal identification of suffering and sacrifice for our salvation and receipt of God’s promises.

God is looking to us to be dedicated, to fully comprehend that it will be extremely difficult to follow His path on our own terms. Essentially we are to deny our personal ambitions / desires and be willing to accept the will of God over the direction of our lives, that is discipleship.

Do something today and re-establish your dedication to God and offer your life in discipleship.

Prayer Focus:
Lord, make me stronger to reveal more of You through me. Help me and my household to diligently serve you from generation to generation, in Jesus’ name, Amen

Written by Orode Faka of @thelafamily