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#LAIsaiah Devotional ‘Don’t be worthless, Don’t make an idol’ by Olushola Oludayo


…Is there any other god? Is there some powerful god i never heard of? All those who make idols are worthless, and the gods they prize so highly are useless….’ Isaiah 44:8b-9a (Good news)

One of the lessons I gleaned from studying the book of Isaiah is about the mightiness of God. Some might argue that the book has so much woes and judgments, instead I noticed that an underlying theme is the sovereignty of God and His great power.

Between chapters 40 and 48, the Lord kept telling us who He is and what He can do. These chapters also remind us of God’s abhorrence of idolatry. Sometimes life becomes so hard that we barely find time to live. Work becomes stressful, some relationships breaking down, depression, health issues and the list seems unending. In such periods, we often forget who is the God we serve, His capabilities and we place our issues on a pedestal.

Did you know that whatever you raise higher than the Lord has become to you a god? Whether your spouse, children, work, health – anything given more prominence other than God has turned to an idol. God must always be first place!

What are the issues that are scaring you each day and threatening to bring you down? Have friends forsaken you? Are you at the brink of losing things dear to you? Are you daily harassed because it seems nothing great is happening around you? What are the worries that have taken the first place of God? Are you at a point where you have forgotten you have a God?

Relax! God is at work. It takes Him just a split second to perform a groundbreaking miracle.

Since it is very easy to forget about so many things He has done, He reminds us severally to call to remembrance that He alone is God and there is none else beside Him who could help us out of our troubles.

Prayer Focus
Faithful Father, please forgive all the times that I place another god beside You. Grant my heart peace and help me never to forget that You are God – mighty and able to fight my battles in Jesus’ amazing name, Amen.

Written by Olushola Oludayo of @thelafamily