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#LAIsaiah Devotional Day 6 by Olushola Oludayo (@sholape1)


‘The royal line of David is like a tree that has been cut down; but just as new branches sprout from a stump, so a new King will arise from among David’s descendants’ Isaiah 11:1 (Goodnews)

One consequence of Solomon’s love for foreign women was the cutting off of the kingdom from David’s royal line (1 Kings 11:11-13). A tribe specially chosen by God lost its place as a result of one man’s strange affections. However, after a while, God being merciful rekindled the hope of the tribe to reinstate their royalty in Isaiah 11.

Isaiah 11 is one of the chapters in the Old Testament where the birth of Christ – a great love story that will never fade – was foretold. His birth shows how much the Father loves mankind and His readiness to save the world. Christ’s birth gave mankind hope; hope that there will be sunshine after the rain!

A couple of years ago, my father had one of the orange trees in the family compound cut down leaving only a stump in the earth. After some downpours, it started to grow again. It was amazing as I had thought that was the end of the oranges from the tree.

Like the orange tree, some of us have been ‘cut’ down so much that only a stump remains. So many of us are battling with issues that cut us emotionally, financially, spiritually and the list seems endless. In fact, for some of us, we have been abandoned with no one thinking we could get up again. The good news, there is hope for us! It doesn’t matter how deep our we despair or the thickness of the darkness that surrounds us; there will be light someday soon. It doesn’t matter who or what is responsible for our seemingly hopeless situation, we will get over the troubles and triumph.

As long as we are a stump in Christ, there is hope for us! The rain will fall and the sun will shine on us again and we shall sprout! (Job 14:7)

Prayer Focus
Faithful Father, I cling to the hope that is Christ and I ask that You will shine your light to every dark area of my in Jesus’ mighty name.

Written by Olusola Oludayo (@sholape1) of @theLAfamily