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#LAIsaiah Devotional Day 5 by Manuel Adesola (@manueladesola)

In that day


In that day the lord will end the bondage of his people.He will break the yoke of slaveryand lift it from their shoulders‘ Isaiah 10.27 NLT

No matter the darkness that surrounds your life, as long as you are under the government of the Prince of Peace, it will surely return for a testimony.

Yesterday’s chapters spoke of a period of darkness upon false judges and evil doers. In that time, strategies shall not work, warriors shall be helpless and victory lost.

God is making another promise to you in Isaiah 9:2, those who walk in darkness shall see light and they shall rejoice because of the one coming whose name is wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

This is what guarantees the revelation of Isaiah 10:27, every yoke is bound to be broken under the government of our Lord Jesus and every bondage will end. Now is that day, when the captive of the mighty shall be free.

When you make God’s kingdom your priority. His government is bound to protect your interest from any devil or form of bondage.

May God help us all, amen.

Prayer Focus
Father in heaven, this is our appointed time, our time of liberation from all oppression of the devil. We decree that what ever bondage has been broken will not find a way into out life again, in Jesus’s name,  Amen.

Written by Manuel Adesola of @theLAfamily