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#LAIsaiah Devotional Day 29 ‘I will heal him’


Imagine your soul as clear, pure, spring water that fills half of an immaculate crystal glass. The glass is pristine, no smudges, watermarks or fingerprints. The craftsman hands you the glass and reminds you that you have a lifetime guarantee therefore if anything happens to the glass or water, you are welcomed to return, he is open 24/7.

But, the words of the craftsman soon become hazy when we leave the workshop. For some of us, pollutants drop into the glass. Some discolouring the water while others alter the taste. In our carelessness, we entrust the glass to the wrong hands. Hands whose imprints stain the glass or we may spill the water because we have traversed onto rocky terrain. Now, when we are thirsty and want to drink from our glass, we are repelled by its colour, find that it is nearly empty or recoil from its taste.

What do you do? Continue to hold the glass, after all carrying it is now burdensome and the reason for its presence is a distant memory. Abandon it? Or will you seek to go back to the source and ask for help? A refill?

Many of us forget that we can begin again and hinder God’s purpose for us to live a life of joy, peace and love. Read Isaiah 57-58 with an open heart. Let us be thankful for the mercy of God in our lives because the alternative is a deep, dark burden of cold bitterness.

I create the fruit of the lips:
Peace, peace to him who is far off and to him who is near,’
Says the Lord,
‘And I will heal him.’ Isaiah 57:19

If you are struggling to let go and see beyond the past the Lord says ‘ And I will heal him’.

Let us not allow our egos to create a gulf between our intimacy with our Creator. Seek Him in all humility, God wants to guide you continually.

Prayer Focus
Thank You Beloved for Your healing love that flows in me and through me. Revive me through my afflications that I may restore my generation, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Written by Orode Faka of @theLAfamily