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#LAGenesis Devotional Day 24 by @0rode

A life of principle

How many of us can say of our character that ‘I am the same today, yesterday and will be the same tomorrow?’

Joseph is one of several men of the bible who exudes integrity and truth despite his circumstances. The Joseph his family left was the same Joseph they met in Egypt. In every situation, he stayed true to God. He was in a foreign land, even attained the highest ranking of leadership but did not allow it to affect who he was in God.

When we lead a life that is based on spirit and truth, circumstances, culture, associations and family cannot influence it. After all, it is those things we value and believe that influence our life choices. Take note of Joseph, he was able to bless his family abundantly. His depth of character elevated him in the eyes of his father that his eldest sons became joint heirs with his brothers.

Take the principle MOT test
Am I using my gifts and position for God’s service?

Do I understand the difference between biblical and cultural principles?

Am I a person of consistent integrity in all situations?

Do I disregard outward appearances to keep pursuing the goal?

Do I yield to the will of God?

Do I live to worship God in all?

Do I live by faith?

Prayer focus:
Lord, thank you for where you have brought me from and where you are leading me, I want to be better so that You may use me to be a blessing wherever You lead me, in Jesus’ name, Amen

Written by Orode Faka of @theLAfamily