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#LAGenesis Day 20 Devotional by @sholape1


‘…How then could I do such a wicked thing and sin against God?
Genesis 39:9b (NIV)

There is a billboard around Lagos, Nigeria, that has a tiger’s face on it – partly beautiful and partly scary. Anytime I see it, I subconsciously check if I lead a dual life.

It is sad to know that we have mastered the art of living a dual life with no one any wiser. It is equally sad that we find ‘Christian’s’ exhibit strange and despicable behaviours when no one seems to be watching. 

Today’s reading tells a resounding lesson on character. Joseph was a man of character.  A man who understood that he could lose everything but never should he lose his character.

Who are we when the world is not watching? Do we have dual lives – one for the church and one outside it? Can we confidently say that our works in the dark are the same as in the light? Some of us will not bat an eyelid in doing a wicked thing as long as no one seems to be watching.

Mrs Potiphar was a ‘ready-made’ meal and Joseph only needed to play his ‘part’. Yet, he chose the rough part. He decided not to sin against God. He knew how important it is for him to be without blame secretly and openly.

What do we do when we are not being scrutinised? Are we the same in and out of season? Remember, if no one else sees us, God does. Also, we should never lose our character no matter what else we lose!

Prayer Focus
Faithful Father, I ask that You will forgive my secret sins, enable me to stand firm so as not to bring disgrace to You in the dark and build my character in Jesus’ name, Amen.

By Olushola Oludayo of @theLAfamily